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About Us

Life in the Motherhood was started in the Spring of 2011 by us, Miranda and Heather (see below for pics and more information on each of us). We wanted somewhere that we could connect with other moms, show off our crafty side, and share tips and tricks of the mothering trade - and that's when Life in the Motherhood was born!

About Miranda:
I have been married for almost 5 years and my husband and I have an almost 3-year-old little boy that keeps us on our toes. I am blessed to be able to stay home and raise our son and I love (most) every minute of it. Except those minutes before 7am on the days when he insists on waking up early. I was working on getting my bachelors degree in English, but after Andrew was born, I decided to leave school to raise him and to allow my husband to focus on school full-time. We're currently living in Logan, Utah, but we're waiting for a promotion at Frank's work. Once he gets promoted, we'll have to transfer to somewhere else - most likely in Utah or Idaho. Right now we have no idea how long we're going to be here or where we'll end up living. Gotta love the "college" life!

I love being crafty, thrifty, and especially love DIY projects. I love my Silhouette machine, sewing machine, and glue gun, in that order! I've been crafting for years now and I'm hoping this blog will help me to share what I'm working on and push me to try new things.

(P.S.  Please don't mind the old picture - we haven't had new family pics in *gasp* 2 years!!)

About Heather:

Heather has decided to leave the blog as a full-time author, but don't worry. You'll still be seeing her around here on a part-time basis!

My life is full of boys! My husband of 7 years and two boys - ages 5 and 3. Some days end with me in a coma on my bed looking up at the ceiling wondering "What happened? Where am I?". Luckily most days are filled with happy lasting memories (thanks to camera phones mostly) that end in the occasional “Mommy, you’re the best!” and “I love you.” which leaves me remembering why I chose to be a wife and mother.
My family recently moved to Hawaii as a last chance option to help give relief to my Fibromyalgia. Now we are enjoying Hawaii life and exploring our new environment. We love the beach, swimming, surfing, visiting all the sites, and making new friends here in our new home.
I recieved my cosmetology license in 2004 and enjoy doing hair and makeup very much. I grew up doing makeovers for friends and diving into Seventeen magazine to figure out the latest styles and how to achieve them. I’m still always looking for the latest and greatest styles to try out on friends and of course…myself. I also enjoy painting, funny movies and tv, cooking, decorating, throwing parties, motivating others, being a SAHM, and I can’t forget to mention my favorite holiday is Halloween.
I’m very excited to make new friends in The Motherhood and share tips, tricks, knowledge, recipes, ideas, and just life.
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