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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Homemade Christmas: Gift Ideas for Big Kids & Teenagers

So I've decided to change things up a bit and combine days for Big Kids and Teenagers and open a spot for Grandparents. I hope everyone's okay with that! :) Don't forget to check out the posts about Handmade Gifts for Infants and Handmade Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Here's one that appeals to each of these age groups - personalized shirts. How about using Bleach to Create a Personalized Shirt? The Next Bird will show you how. Not sure what the picky teen would want? Give them a bleach pen, some shirts, and the directions and let them create their own!

How about a Marshmallow Gun? Create Studio shows us how to use PVC Pipe and joints to create some marshmallow fun. She made one for her little boy, but these would appeal to any age! Heck, even my husband would love one of these!

A fun one, probably more for girls, is a magnet board! This one is pretty girls, but you could definitely make it for a boy. A Girl and a Glue Gun used some leftover metal pieces, but you can buy metal sheets to do this with.

Another fun one that any girl is sure to love? Personalized Notebooks! Take a notebook, add some paper and embellishments, and it will be instant love! So much better than those plain spiral or composition books. This particular notebook comes from Sew Woodsy. Want to make it a gift set? Add some fun colored pens and you'll be set!

Are you more comfortable with fabric than paper? Then you can still create a customized notebook! Essentially, you're creating a fabric cover for a notebook - which can be reused on a different notebook. Stay Calm and Sew Something has a great tutorial - and I love the zebra print and polka dots together!

This next idea would be great for girls of all ages, but Washer Necklaces are easy (and cheap) enough to make for all the girls on your gift-giving list. Seriously. I'm thinking that every girl on my list will be getting two or three of these this year!

Here's another idea that would work for more than just tweens and teens. A Laptop (also iPad/iPod/Kindle/Netbook) Sleeve! The Cottage Home has a great tutorial for making this fun little sleeve - just use the dimensions of whatever electronic device you need to cover!

 Know someone who likes to skateboard? Why not make it easier for them to pack it around with this Skateboard Sling? This great tutorial was posted by The Boy Trifecta over on Kojo Designs.

Any other brilliant ideas for those hard-to-make-for kids and teens? Please feel free to share with us! Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for more gift giving ideas for the spouse/significant other!


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