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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Basket - For a Baby Boy!

Recently, I made another liner for a basket with the intent of using it as a new baby gift. And today I'm going to show you what I did for the gift basket. It's a lot like the Baby Girl Gift Basket I did a couple weeks ago, just more boyish.

This gift basket included:
  • Soft wipes refill pack (buried on the bottom)
  • Customized wipes container (to match the basket liner)
  • Package of baby toys
  • 3 customized onesies
  • Felt Bitty Booties
  • Rolled up diapers (about 16)
Here is a close up of the onesies - made with heat transfer material cut with my Silhouette machine.

Also a shot of the customized wipes container (since it's kind of buried in the gift basket). It was made to match the gift basket. Be sure to check out the tutorial!

The Bitty Booties were made with the pattern found at Heather Baily Designs. I think that making these things might be my newest obsession. Just a word of caution to all my preggo friends (and those with new babies). If you find a pile of these on your doorstep, don't look at me!

Baby blue felt with a darker blue cotton lining and white grosgrain ribbon accent.
Whip stitched around the edges for decoration.

So cute, right!?

So there you have it. What kind of things do you like to give new mommies and babies?

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