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Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Calendar Printable

One of the thinks that I think is crucial to running a household is a good calendar or scheduling system. We all have our own ways and preferences and we use what works best for us, but I thought I'd share what works for me!

After high school, I worked as a nanny for a family in Connecticut and I was in love with her calendaring system. She had a gigantic wall calendar and used a different color pen/marker for each family member. I thought it was pretty genius!I tucked that method away for future use - and I used that system after Hubs and I first got married. But for newlyweds, it was a little bit overkill. I loved the large spaces and the color coding though.

The apartment we're in now has amazing cabinet space, but not a lot of wall space. Which means my gigantic calendar is out, for now. Someday! About 3 year ago, I found an awesome "mommy" calendar on clearance at Borders. It had loads of room to write and a space for each member of the family. Something like this...


It's hard to see, but can you see the spaces on the left hand side for family member's names? I LOVED THAT! The next year, I searched and waited for the same kind of calendar to go on sale but I never was able to find it. I needed a calendar though, so I created my own!

It has the spaces on the left for out names and space to write more than one word. I can customize it for whatever month I need and then print it out. You could even print it out and then get it spiral bound for easy hanging or reference. It prints as two pages .The picture above is the first page. On the second page, there are another 3 weeks worth of spaces and a space for notes.

Want to try it out? Click here to download your own!

When you print it out, you'll be able to better see that there's a small line above each of the weeks to write the date.

If you do use it, let me know. I'd love to hear what you think! I'd also love to hear what you use for a calendar or scheduling system!


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