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Sunday, September 25, 2011

General Conference Activity Packets

Rather than post an FHE idea this week, I thought it would be a fun to post an activity packet for the upcoming General Conference next weekend (October 1st & 2nd). I thought about being ambitious and making my own, but I haven't been feeling the greatest, so instead ya'll get to partake of the work of some other fabulous people!

And really quickly, I just have to share. I told my husband that I was looking at General Conference activity pages and he said, "Really? That's cool! My mom used to make her own for us." It wasn't said in a condescending way. I just think it's really cool how awesome moms are. My mother-in-law was making her own packets for her kids like 20 years ago!

Anyway, here are a few packets that I found that looked promising...

October 2011 General Conference Packet from - This is geared towards older children who can read and write. They also link you to the packet that the Church creates for primary-aged children.

Conference Activity Sheets from - For primary-aged children. The Conference Journal would be good for older children who can read and write, though there is room for younger children to draw instead.

Conference Packets & Activities from - It doesn't look like they've added any 2011 packets, however they look to be pretty generic (and all the apostles are still the same) so you could easily
"reuse" any of the 2010 versions. I, personally, love that they have a packet geared toward Nursery-aged kids. I think I'll be getting this one for Andyroo. (As a side note, you do NOT have to pay for these, though they have a "donate" option available).

General Conference Packet from - She has an awesome temple matching game (that I know Andyroo will LOVE) that you just simply print and use. She suggests making it into a file folder game which Andyroo would enjoy during church also. There's also a temple lacing page and a coloring sheet of the First Presidency.

2011 General Conference Packets from - This is a project from and They teamed up to make these packets which are similar to the packets posted above. Again, there's an awesome Nursery packet along with Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Youth, and Adult packets. How awesome is that!?

Hopefully you've found something that will work for your children. I know that some people might think these are a distraction, but I really think they can help children feel the spirit. They may not understand everything that's being said, but as long as they're watching conference, they're where they need to be. Seeing pictures of the prophets and apostles, the temples, and everything else included in the packets will help them feel the spirit.

No idea what General Conference is? It's when the member of our church gather to hear the words of our church leaders. Find out more about General Conference.



  1. Thanks for the shout out for my temple game. I will have to print out a bunch of the fun activities!


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