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Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Basket - For a Baby Girl!

Earlier this week I showed you how I took a thrift store basket and made a new liner for it. And today I'm going to show you what I did to make it the cutest, most girliest baby shower basket ever!

Sorry for the not so awesome backdrop there. I was literally putting this thing together until the minute I walked out the door. And then it dawned on me that I should take another picture of it all wrapped up and put together. Poor Andyroo. He was all happy and excited to go to Grandma's (while I went to the baby shower) and he had to wait for mom to snap a few more pictures. I didn't have time to set up lighting inside the house, so this is on the stairs going upstairs and out of the house where there is more sunlight.

This awesome gift basket includes:
  • A soft pack of Pampers wipes
  • Rolled up diapers - about 25-30
  • 3 Customized onesies
  • 3 Flower clips
  • 2 Ribbon headbands
  • A boxed set of baby toys
In order to get some height in the gift basket, I used the wipes as a base in the bottom of the basket. Behind the wipes, I placed the boxed set of toys. I placed the diapers around the bottom and built up from there. The onesies were rolled up and set on top of the diapers. The flowers and headbands were placed around to add a little flair and then I wrapped the whole thing in a big cellophane bag. Here's a better picture of the basket minus the flowers, the headbands, and the wrap.

The diapers were each rolled up individually, then wrapped with a piece of ribbon and stuck together with a glue dot. Those size 2 diapers are tiny compared to the huge ones I was using for Andrew!

Here's a shot of the onesies. I would have preferred to use pink and brown, but I was out of brown Heat Transfer Material.

These were designed and cut using my Silhouette. LOVE that thing!

I didn't get a picture of the flower clips or headbands because I was running late. The flower clips were simple silk flowers with the plastic removed, re-glued, and then hot glued to a small alligator clip. The headbands were a small piece (about 5 or 6 inches) of ribbon sewn to a piece of soft, stretchy elastic (about 4 or so inches). After seeing our neighbor's new baby, I think I made them too big. But hopefully the baby will be able to grow into them.

The new mommy loved the gift basket and everyone was really impressed with the customized onesies! I hope she doesn't mind if I make some more girly stuff and drop it off on her doorstep!

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