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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Home Evening Idea - Pioneers

In Utah (and some other locations) we celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th. Call it state holiday, if you will. Part of what the Primary is talked about in Sharing time this week is Pioneers, along with the temples. Here are some ideas for FHE this week!

Song: Whenever I Think About Pioneers (Children's Songbook #222) (Download the song as an mp3 here or find the words and music here)

Scripture: D&C 136: 1-16 (All about the organization of the pioneers)

Lesson & Activity Ideas:
  • Do some research to find out if you have any pioneer heritage. Just because your family didn't travel across the plains doesn't mean you don't have any. And if you determine you don't have any type or form of pioneer heritage, make the lesson more about your ancestry or a particular ancestor that you connect with/admire.
  • Learn more about the Mormon Pioneers by checking out the Pioneer Story on If you don't know of any pioneers in your family line, there are a few pioneer stories you can share with your children.
  • Try to show your children what it was like to be a pioneer. Discuss the differences and similarities between then and now. Some ideas: How we get and prepare our food; how we obtain our clothing/bedding/materials compared to making clothing and such; the kinds of foods we eat compared to what they eat; forms of entertainment - no computers, cell phones, electricity, etc; housing; customs and manners.
  • Make Marshmallow Covered Wagons (idea from the Friend, July 2007)
  • If you don't want to focus on Pioneers, focus on the importance of journals. The only way we know what the pioneers (and any past ancestors) endured is through the journals they wrote.
  • If you have time, patience and older children (who can do it on their own or who can help younger kids) then try out this Covenant Wagon activity from They also recommend a great video clip about Brigham Young and the Salt Lake Valley here (provided by on YouTube).

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