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Sunday, July 24, 2011

FHE Idea - Families can be Together Forever

Following with the theme of temples this month, I thought it might be a good idea to focus more on how the temple binds us together.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Sealing Room

Song: Families can be Together Forever (Children's Songbook #188 or Hymns #300) (Download the song as an mp3 here or find the words and music here)

Scripture: D&C 132: 19-20

Lesson Ideas:
  • Discuss your own wedding day with your children. Dust off your wedding pictures and find any others of parents, siblings, etc. If you were married in the temple, talk about why you chose to be married there instead of civilly. Discuss what blessings you have received because of that decision. Were there any hardships you had to overcome because of it (family not able to attend, temple far away, etc) If you weren't married in the temple (whether you were sealed later or not) discuss your choice with your children. Were you not net a member of the church, was the temple too far away at the time, etc. If you were sealed after being married civilly then discuss what was necessary to take that step (waiting period, saving money to travel to the temple, etc)
  • If your children have ever attended a civil marriage or even a reception for someone who was married in the temple and are old enough to remember it, try comparing and contrasting the two ceremonies. If you have been married in the temple, you might explain the basics about the temple ceremony (kneeling at the alter, no processional, etc).
  • Find a copy of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and read it aloud with your children. You can find an inexpensive copy at the Church Distribution Center or print one out from the internet at the link provided. Help your children understand the meaning and impact of it. If they're old enough, consider having them sign it as an agreement to uphold the things it discusses. After it's been signed by the family, consider framing or displaying it in your house as a reminder.
  • Consider watching this video about how families can be together forever (direct link to video on 
  • Here are a few General Conference talks that you might consider reading through beforehand to gain a better understanding or to even read in your FHE:

Do you have any other ideas to teach your children about the eternal nature of families! Please share!

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