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Friday, July 15, 2011

Feature Blog - Rants from Mommyland

Andyroo fell asleep on my lap, so I've got some free time. I *HAVE* to sit here snuggle my little one! Anyway, Hubs was nice enough to bring me the laptop, so I was checking out Facebook. A friend of mine on Facebook suggested an article from Rants from Mommyland. I think this is my new favorite blog! Hilarious! And not just the post from today - everything that I've read has made me laugh out loud. Luckily Hubs is in the other room doing some stuff for work, so I don't have to explain every time I laugh. Today she's writing about Top 10 Reasons 3 is Worse than 2. I'm a little afraid since we're just venturing into the 3s. The twos have been pretty tame so far, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 3 doesn't get so bad, but to be honest it's not looking good. Anyway, I just had to share, so go check it out!

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