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Friday, July 1, 2011

Motherhood Moment - Potty Training!

Andyroo and I went to Daddy's work today to eat lunch with him. They've got a new panini lunch combo that hubby's been raving about and begging me to try. No big deal. Andyroo went potty twice during lunch (curse you small bladders) but lunch was pretty uneventful.

As we were walking out, Andyroo and I were headed out the door as Hubs was headed back to work. Andyroo practically yells to Daddy (who was a mere eight feet away), "Daddy, you got peepees coming?"

The hostess, who knows who we are, looks up from her computer with this shocked look on her face. I quickly shushed Andyroo and said to the hostess, "Sorry, he's potty training. He's obsessed with asking people if they need to go potty too."

Yup, that's my little potty trainer!

What's your most embarrassing potty training moment?

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