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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Reality...

We spent 4 fun-filled days at the cabin with my family last weekend. We got home late Sunday night and I'm still dragging butt. Why does all the post-vacation stuff take as much effort as it does to get ready for the vacation?

Hubs and I just finished up the first season of Modern Family and in one of the episodes, their whole extended family goes to Hawaii (I think) to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. One of the husbands tells his wife that since they never got a honeymoon, they should try and make this trip a honeymoon. The wife replies with something along the lines of, "My job is being a mother. I don't get vacations. This is a business trip for me!" I feel that way every time we take a "vacation!"

Does anyone else think that that is just soooooo true!? I don't get to go on vacation and relax. Even with just one child, I still have to constantly be doing something. I get more down-time at home because I know there isn't much Andyroo can get into!!!

Anyway, because my brain is still on vacation, I thought I'd share some photos of our trip. Maybe I'll finally be able to move on! :)

Andyroo enjoying our first night of S'mores

Dirty, dirty feet. This picture doesn't even do them justice...

The cleaning of the feet

These two fell asleep together in our car 3 or 4 times during the week they were together. So cute!

Grandma and the grandkids at the Provo River Falls

Our birthday night! There are 4 birthdays in my family within a month of each other,
so we had one cake and sang to everyone!

*Sigh* Thanks for looking. Maybe now I can get back to reality...


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