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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quiet Book Page #6 - Notebook & Pencil Pocket

Remember the Quite Book Overview I did a while back? I'm going through the book page by page and explaining in more detail how I did everything and linking to any patterns that I used. Be sure to check out the other quiet book pages and the Quiet Book FAQ!

Quiet Book Page #1 - Train Tracks
Quiet Book Page #2 - Shapes and Colors
Quiet Book Page #3 - Barn & Finger Puppets
Quiet Book Page #4 - Letters
Quiet Book Page #5 - Counting

I don't remember where the idea for this page came from. I think it might have been from Homemade by Jill - but I honestly don't remember. I made this book way before I started this blog, so yeah.

I didn't use a template or pattern though. I just cut out a rectangle of felt that would fit on my page. I think it's I 6.5"x5"? I also cut out a smaller rectangle for the top flap. I think mine is about 6.5" wide (make it the same as the width on the other rectangle) x 1.5-2" tall. I sewed around the two sides and the bottom of the big rectangle. Make sure to leave the top open so that the notebook and pen/penciI l have a place to slide in. I also sewed all the way up the rectangle about 1.5" inches in from the left side (you can do right or left) to make separate pockets for the pencil and notebook.

Attach the smaller rectangle about an inch or so above the larger rectangle (make them overlap, but don't put the top of the flap directly above where the pencil/notebook are. See how I left a space? This just makes it easier to get in and out of the pockets

The original pencil and notebook have been lost, but I just used a small pocket notebook in here. It was small enough to not be bulky but still big enough for Andyroo to easily handle.

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