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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Favorite Products: Belly Band

Are you hoping for the day you've dropped enough weight so that you can zip up your favorite jeans that make your tush look amazing? Well the wait is over! I have found a product that lets you wear your favorite jeans without having to even zip them up (and no one will know)!!!

The amazing Belly Band!

The Belly Band I bought to help hold up jeans that I couldn't button when I was preggers. I have continued to use it three years later. I just put it on and pull it down far enough so that it covers the zipper area that's actually not zipped up.

It holds up my pants and you can't see it through my clothes. It just looks like I have an extra shirt or tank top on underneath my shirt. I get to wear my favorite jeans that I don't want to give up no matter my weight at the time ;). Love this product!!

1 comment:

  1. I really have to second the whole belly band thing. I was first introduced to these years ago - before I was even married (I was dating my hubby at the time). I used them to help keep things modest and to help give the illusion of layers and length without the bulk. As a plus-size girl, I can't ever find shirts that are actually long enough. That's where the Belly Band comes in!

    I also loved it while nursing to, again, keep things modest. I didn't buy a bunch of nursing shirts, I just used a belly band and my regular shirts.

    And, I even make my own now! I'm not so worried about them holding my pants up (I had to give in and buy new pants, lol) as I am about the layering and length. I use a cotton knit instead of the super spandex that the Belly Band brand are made with.


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