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Monday, August 22, 2011

Leg Makeup Review & How To

For a while now I've been wanting to try out some leg makeup because I have been very curious if it does what it says. The leg makeup I bought was Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs (medium glow) and water resistant. The makeup came in a spray can like this one seen below.

I only had the choice of two colors so I chose the lighter one. The makeup is supposed to help hide any imperfections and enhances coverage so your legs look like they have on nylons. Basically the flawless look. Now I have to admit it...I have some spider veins on the bottom of my right shin that appeared when I was standing all day in beauty school. They aren't super noticeable but they are there! So when I heard of leg makeup I thought it sounded great for something I could use when I go to the beach or wear a skirt or shorts.

Okay my how to is more of a how NOT to! Ha Ha ;) The first time I applied this makeup I shook the can and sprayed it on my legs about 12 inches away. It looked awful!! After I washed it off I shook the can again and sprayed a small amount into the palm of my hand. I rubbed it into both hands and quickly applied it to my legs. I blended it in lightly all over my legs and feet. I kept a dark washcloth nearby so I could easily fix anything that wasn't even. I had to work fast because it dries quickly.

When I was done I checked out my legs in the mirror and instantly LOVED them! I felt like it covered any imperfections well enough so no one else would ever be able to tell. It looked natural and gave my skin a nice sun kissed glow. I will definitely be using this product again and do recommend it to anyone who wants a nice glow before they go to the pool, beach, or you want nice legs for a skirt or something that shows off your legs.

That's all for this review! I'm off to the beach to show off my legs! :D

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