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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Costumes: A peek into the past

I love coming up with creative, homemade costumes. For me, it's so fun to come up with something unique! Here are some of our past Halloween costumes...

2003 - Lego Girl
One of my favorite Halloween costumes from the past was when I went as a Lego. Completely homemade and totally awesome! I had just graduated high school and was out in Connecticut working as a nanny. The singles ward I was in had a Halloween party - complete with a costume contest. Sadly, I have no pictures of this amazing costume. *Sniffle* This was before I had a digital camera and the pictures that the mom took for me with my film camera didn't turn out. But I totally won the costume contest!! Basically the costume was me in a box that was painted to be Lego blocks using red, yellow, and blue paint. I had Lego box covers for my shoes and a Lego hat. I think I used some kind of cut up cardboard tubes (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) as the lego "connectors." It rocked.

2004 & 2005 - I was single, working 2 jobs, and didn't do much for Halloween!

2006 - Frankenstein & the Bride of Frankenstein
This was the year that Hubs and I got married so this really was an appropriate costume for us. My husband's name is Frank and my neice always called him Frankenstein. Again, no pictures. Still no digital camera (not until Christmas of 2006). We purchased a Frankenstein makeup kit and used it to attach the screws to his neck and paint his face green. He wore an old suit (which was good because the green oil-based paint got EVERYWHERE! We also found some old shoes at the DI that we spray painted brown (we couldn't find just regular brown shoes). For my costume, I cut and sewed and old sheet so that it was kind of togaish and I wore a white shirt and shorts with it. I went for a very drastic and bold look with my makeup (thick eyeliner and mascara, bright red lipstick, etc), but my hair was the best part. Completely ratted and up in the shape that her hair is, then sprayed with black and white hair color spray. It took me almost and hour to comb out and 3 washes before all the color was out of my hair.

2007 - Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head
Actually, I think this might be my favorite. I worked SOOOO hard to put this costume together. Unfortunately most of the pictures have been lost, except this one that I turned into a signature for a message board that I was active on at the time.

I purchased a brown material from Joann's - I don't even know what kind it was. Something thicker, but not quite a curduroy. Felt, maybe? I cut out some big oval shapes and, since I didn't have a sewing machine at the time, I used some hem tape to keep them together. You can't see it from these pictures, but on the back there's a "pocket" to hold all of our interchangeable parts. Everything had velcro on it so we could easily change it out and there was velcro at strategic places on our costumes (for the eyes, nose, and mouth). Each of us had a number of ways we could transform - bunny rabbit, pirate, different earrings, noses, lips, hats, glasses, etc. Mr. Potato Head even had angry eyes! Most everything was made out of craft foam which worked wonderfully - all of the parts could fold if necessary to fit in our little pocket but still retained their shape. We wore white long sleeve shirts with white gloves to cover our arms. We were going to stuff our potatoes so that we looked rounder, but only Hub's costume was actually stuffed. I was still working on them during the drive up to Idaho Falls and didn't get the snaps sewn onto mine. This costume was a HUGE hit - and we won the costume contest at Heather's annual Halloween Party!

2008 - No costumes. Andyroo was born in August and I just didn't have the motivation, time, or energy to do anything.

2009 - Charlie Brown
Easiest costume ever! Andyroo has a little stuffed Snoopy that is his little security item. He's had it since he was about 9 or 10 months old, so it made total sense for him to go as Charlie Brown and carry around his little snoopy. He also had very little hair (as you can see), so it was perfect. Don't mind the pile of laundry or the fact that I'm still in my PJs :)

Super easy costume. I bought some black sweat pants for him and then sewed a black zig-zag strip around a yellow shirt he already had.

The judges for the costume contest at our Halloween party told me that he was actually the winner, but he was only about 15 months old and they wanted to give the prizes to kids who would be able to use it.

2010 - Snoopy & The Price is Right

This was totally a store bought costume - though I wish I'd thought of it in enough time to actually make it! But I found it last minute on clearance at KMart and couldn't resist.

My sisters, husband and I also went as Jeopardy contestants.

Hubs was Alex Trebec, I was Wendi - a newlywed who thought she was going to be on The Price is Right (TPIR), my younger sister was Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife, and my older sister was Thelma of Thelma & Louise. And though my sister will totally hate me, I have to show off her awesome costume...

Gotta love those pillows and socks!!! Love you, sis!! *evil grin*


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  1. Love them all, but my favorite is Charlie Brown. Adorable!

  2. Thanks for letting me in on Halloweens past. Very fun - I love Halloween :)

  3. I love the mr. and mrs. potato head customes!! Those are great! haha...good idea!! :)

  4. I would love it if you would link this to my link party, and any others you may have. Thanks, It just started :)

  5. (found ya on a link party) love how creative you are with your costumes! and charlie brown and snoopy are adorable. :)


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