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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Removing Red Wine Stains (and yellowed neck stains)

My husband works in a restaurant and has for almost the whole time I've known him. And though he comes home with all sorts of stains and spills on his white shirts, I was confronted with a new kind of stain this week. Red wine. We don't drink, so I've only heard rumors about it's mystical staining powers. I was a little scared. Mostly because I'm currently out of a laundry pretreater/stain remover.

So what did I do? Googled it, of course! I wish I could link you to the source, but unfortunately our internet was down and I was searching on my phone. I have no idea where I actually wound up online. Sorry.

So how to remove this monstrosity? Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap. Yup. It was that easy. I mixed it up, dabbed it on with a q-tip, and watched it disappear. And thank goodness for that. The stain just had to be on his one GOOD white shirt. And white I was removing stains, I was curious to know if the mixture would remove the yellow stains around the neckline. I applied it to about 1/4th of the neckline and just threw it in the wash. In the morning when I checked, the part that I applied the mixture to was gone! Yay!

The stain removal fun was late at night right before bed, so I left the mixture in a little ramekin overnight (because if it worked, I wanted to save it). When I woke up, the Hydrogen Peroxide had turned the blue mixture clear. I ended up just empyting it into an empty baby food jar and putting it in the laundry room.

Any fabulous stain removal tips you use?


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