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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Motherhood Moment: Kid Speak

I love the way kids hear, interpret, and then say things! Here are some of my recent favorites from Andyroo...

  1. Hook - He actually means "hood," as in the hood of his sweater. I don't know why, but he calls it his "hook."
  2. B'mote - Actually means "remote." The kid can say his letters just fine, but for some reason started calling the Wii remote a "b'mote." It works for us.
  3. Old McDonalds - Refers to McDonald's restaurant. If you ask him what Old McDonald's is, he'll tell you it's the place we go to get ice cream with Grandma (thanks, mom!) and then he'll ask to sing the Old MacDonald song.
  4. Honkey Donkey - This one is my current favorite and actually means "Donkey Kong." Andyroo wanted to try out our Donkey Kong game and asked Daddy if they could play his "Honkey Donkey" game together.
  5. Bakini - Is actually "Zucchini." Each summer we help my mom grow a garden and, of course, we planted Zucchini. The first time he said it, I heard, "Mommy, look at that huge bikini!" Hilarious!
What are some funny things that your kiddos say or have said?


1 comment:

  1. I love these sayings, too. My granddaughter calls it her unnywear, which always makes me smile.


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