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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review of Sun Swing Media's "The Decision" + FHE: Avoiding Pornography

Are you as disgusted as I am about some of the things that are on TV these days? There's so much...crap out there, so when I was approached by Rachel to do a review of Sun Swing Media's production, "The Decision," I jumped at the chance! We need more wholesome entertainment in our lives!

I support good movies. the decision – download $1

About Sun Swing Media
Sun Swing Media is a little mom and pop company that is trying to create wholesome entertainment. Right now the videos that they're creating are based on articles that have appeared in the Friend, a LDS magazine for children. "The Decision" is a short video clip based on the article, "The Decision" that appeared in the March 2004 edition of The Friend. They're also currently working on another production called "The Do-Gooders Club."

The Video
I"ll admit it - thought that the topic of the video (avoiding pornography) was a little uncomfortable. The video didn't discuss it in an uncomfortable way whatsoever, it was just my own uneasiness. And believe me, I fully realize the harsh realities of pornography and that (unfortunately) we need to discuss it with our children at a younger age. That said, I think it was a little over my little 3-year-old's head. I think he was able to get the message that we should discuss things with our parents. And really, that's a start - it's something to build upon. I think this video was definitely meant for children who are a little older - maybe at least 6- or 7-years-old. It would definitely be a good introduction or teaching help for an FHE lesson! So, my uneasiness aside, I thought the video was well done and entertaining. It kept Andyroo's attention fairly well (except when he was insisting on getting his Snoopy), which was great.

Because Sun Swing Media is a small production company and they want to get the word out about their videos, they're currently offering "The Decision" on a pay-per-download basis. For just $1.00, you can download this short video and watch it whenever you want!

If you purchase and watch the video, we'd love to hear your opinion! Also, as an added bonus, has a great FHE for Combating Pornography and Teaching Safe Media Habits!

This review is 100% my opinion. I was provided a free copy of the download to review in exchange for writing this post.


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